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French Teachers Association of Hong Kong

Our offerings

Students of all ages can choose from various types of courses that we offer, both in-person at our schools and online.


Kids aged 3 to 8

Immerse your children in French language and culture as early as the age of 3. Lay a solid foundation for future education.


Students of DELF, IGCSE, IB, DSE and other exams

Teachers have extensive experience in different exams, including DELF, IB, IGCSE, HKDSE, A-levels, TCF etc.


Teens aged 9 to 16

Help tween and teen students to succeed in achieving top grades and lay the groundwork for entering universities.


Adults aged 17 or above

Learn French in a fun and effective way, in groups or private setting, while making new friends. 


All ages and levels

Abundant online resources ensure the same quality learning as in-person lessons. 


All ages and levels

Perfect for students who look for a more adapted learning experience.

There are multiple reasons why you should learn French.


  1. It is one of the most spoken languages in the world. After English, Chinese, Spanish and Hindu, the 5th most-spoken language is French.

  2. It is intellectually stimulating. Learning a new language like French creates unique connections in your brain that enable you to process and understand information faster.

  3. Learning French is fun! Many people learn French as a hobby. Our small group French classes at the beginner level are designed for you to have a good time while learning. You will make new friends in class while learning the language.

  4. Travel with ease! It is always a nicer experience to travel to a French-speaking country where you can communicate with locals. On the one hand, it will help you move around easily or solve any emergencies you might have. On the other hand, you can truly experience the culture and traditions of the place by speaking the language.

  5. New job opportunities. Knowing an extra language can always give you an edge if you seek a new job or aim to evolve in your career. It will also enable you to relocate in the future to a different country if you wish to do so.

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Meet our team

It is not uncommon for new learners to feel curious and have questions about learning French as a foreign language. What is the learning process? How can one improve quickly? What learning goals can be achieved within a given time? And many more.


Our team is happy to help you with you learning journey. Have a chat with us to discuss your goals, learning experience, and any other questions you might have. 

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Our Organisation

French Teachers Association of Hong Kong was established by a group of native French teachers with the goal to provide high quality French tutoring lessons to the Hong Kong community. Since then our school has been growing based on four main pillars that guarantee our success:

  1. High comprehension of different French syllabus that enables us to teach efficiently.

  2. Class size strictly limited to 2-6 students. Given French is a difficult language to learn, it is essential to learn in a small group environment to successfully acquire the language.

  3. Experienced, qualified and motivated native teacher team.

  4. Capacity to offer tailor made lessons that adapted to every individual or small group.

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