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Our French Teachers

Our French Team

All our French teachers are native from France and qualified with a degree or master. They all have a minimum of 3 years of teaching experience and are familiar with the needs of the local Hong Kong students. Below you can find more information about some of our team members. Please note not all teachers are listed below. If you would like to request a specific teacher do not hesitate to let us know.

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Degree in Teaching French as a Foreign Language - Grenoble Alpes University. Certified DELF examiner.

Having a Degree in teaching French as a Foreign language Marion has the knowledge of what is required to teach French to foreigners. Her experience in Korea before coming to Hong Kong enabled her to learn better how to teach French to asian people with a good knowledge of the English language. She has prepared numerous students for the DELF exams up to C1 level as well as IGCSE and IB, helping them achieve excellent results.



Master Degree in Foreign Languages, (ongoing).

Bachelor Degree in Applied Foreign Languages.
Carlos is an experienced French teacher that has given lessons to children, teens and adults of all levels, from absolute beginners up. He likes to teach using conversation, reading materials, grammar exercises and  books. Carlos has helped students achieve top grades for IGCSE and IB exams.

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Licence in Education and Bachelor in Psychology.

Emilie structures each student's lessons according to the needs of the individual, because there is no one-size-fits-all. She is flexible and adaptive, having a big capacity to understand what each student needs and how to help them achieve their potantial. Emilie is also familiar with DELF and IB programs.

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French Teacher as a Foreign Language, Alliance Française.
Master in Information and Technologies.

Being native in French and fluent in English and Spanish and thanks to her qualifications Najwane is capable of teaching students using the newest available tools online to reinforce the knowledge taught during her lessons. She is familiar with most of the exams in HK including IGCSE, IB and DELF after having taught for several years in HK.

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Cynthia is a young, lively, and sportive teacher whose lessons are sure to be entertaining. Originally from France, she has lived in different countries including Canada and Australia. Besides her work, she also knows Asia well as her family is based in Vietnam. She is open-minded and understands the difficulties of students from all backgrounds and helps them with the most adapted methodology. Cynthia is also an excellent teacher who is tech savvy and she excels various teaching tools, including creating visual appealing materials and online teaching platforms.

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French as a Foreign Language,
French Alliance of Vichy and University of Clermont-Ferrand

Elie is a patient and very kind teacher.
Besides his extensive qualifications, he has wide experience in the field of education teaching students of various countries and origins. Being in Hong Kong for a while, he is an expert in teaching, and has also been teaching in the Lantau Beach Soccer Academy.
Like all our teachers, he is bilingual in French and English and he is also an experienced teacher in preparing for several exam boards. 
He is very dynamic, enthusiastic, responsible, and punctual.  
Elie is teaching students from every level, from A1 to B2 to help them achieve the exams as smoothly as possible.
Finally, he is also very goal-oriented when it comes to IB or IGCSE, where he knows how to use the relevant resources to help his students get the best grade.


Dr. George

PHD in Conflict Studies, Université Saint-Paul.
Master in French as a Foreign Language. Université de Montréal.
After teaching French in Canada and France, George joined our team in Hong Kong.
Thanks to his tremendous experience with student from any international background, George manages to teach students whether they are coming for fun as well as for high level examinations

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Master in La Sorbonne, Paris, France. Ben is a dynamic and friendly French teacher. Raising his two young children in Hong Kong makes him a great asset for his students, as he knows the ups and downs of learning a new language in Hong Kong. Preparing his classess, Ben manages to captivate his students' attention so they remember what they're taught and are able to apply it. Ben is teaching young kids to adults from total beginners to advanced levels.


Virginie Fabre

Postgraduate in French Teaching. Degree in translation.

Virginie has a true passion for teaching young kids. She is patient and playful. Through games, songs and activities her young students will be able to stay focused the whole lesson.


Natacha Boillot

Master and degree in Teaching.

Being a very experienced  teacher Natacha has very little time left for teaching others nowadays. That being said, her students benefit from her passion in teaching as well as her expertise.

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Valerie Patenaude

Bachelor in Communication and Marketing. Postgraduate in French Teaching.

As an expert in communication Valerie is enthusiastic and engaging. She has more than 5 years of experience  teaching French to students in HK.


Clement Dussier

Postgraduate in Teaching. Bachelor in Foreign Languages.

Clement is a friendly tutor that will solve all your questions you may have at school regarding your assessments. He has prepared students for all the exam boards.

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Teaching French as a foreign language, University Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées.

Bachelor Degree in English and literature, University of Troyes.

Chloe has a real passion in languages.   Her broad experience enables her to approach and educate students of all backgrounds and levels.​

Chloe has also been studying the structures of different exam syllabus(I/GCSE, IB and HKDSE) so that she can be quite familiar with the question types and how exactly could she helps his students to score high mark in those exam questions.

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Master’s Degree in French as a second language, University of Toulouse Jean Jaurés 1
Goal-oriented and dedicated, Angela is a true asset when it comes to students who are not comfortable in languages: mastering herself French, English, Cantonese and Mandarin, she definitely knows how to highlight the strengths and weaknesses for the students, whether in small groups or private.
She can thoroughly help the students for their exams, from IGCSE to IB or A Levels.



Diploma in French Education and Bachelor of Languages and Literature.

Martin focuses on the pedagogical and educational aspects of teaching while being very adaptable For students that need to improve writing he will use a rather formal approach.  For conversational skills he uses a more casual approach.
Martin is currently the most experienced teacher in our academy - he has been working with us from the beginning.
The experience he has gained over the years makes that today, he can support students that come for exams such as IB (Ab Initio, HL, SL), DELF or even A-Levels and have them achieve top grades.

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French Teacher a HKU 
License in Economy

Natacha is definitely the teacher who will manage to let you stay focused during the class: enthusiastic, helpful, and engaging, she is passionate about teaching.
Working in our school as well as at the Hong Kong University, gives her multiple perspectives on how to tackle students' questions during class. Whether it is IB, IGCSE, DELF or A-levels, Natacha will strive to help students in her class achieve the best grade while enjoying the process.

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