Our French Teachers

Our French Team

All our French teachers are native from France and qualified with a degree or master. They all have a minimum of 3 years of teaching experience and are familiar with the needs of the local Hong Kong students. Below you can find more information about some of our team members. Please note not all teachers are listed below. If you would like to request a specific teacher do not hesitate to let us know.

Yoan Amsellem

Head Coordinator 

Yoan has a master in Management from Toulouse Business school as well as several teaching qualifications. He  is in charge of coordinating all the teachers and ensuring that all the students have a smooth learning process while being under the umbrella of the French Teachers Association of HK. 

Jonathan Dupoty

Master in Teaching French as a Foreign Language.
Jonathan is an experienced French teacher that has given lessons to children, teens and adults of all levels, from absolute beginners up. He likes to teach using conversation, reading materials, grammar exercises and  books. Jonathan has helped students achieve top grades for IGCSE and IB exams.

Emilie Lefevre

Licence in Education and Bachelor in Psychology.

Emilie structures each student's lessons according to the needs of the individual, because there is no one-size-fits-all. She is flexible and adaptive, having a big capacity to understand what each student needs and how to help them achieve their potantial. Emilie is also familiar with DELF and IB programs.

Martin Marcellier

Diploma in French Education and Bachelor of Languages and Literature.

Martin focuses on the pedagogical and educational aspects of teaching while being very adaptable For students that need to improve writing he will use a rather formal approach.  For conversational skills he uses a more casual approach.

Carlos Martin

Master in Teaching, Degree in Applied Foreign Languages.

Besides being a very patient teacher, Carlos spends a lot of time preparing all his lessons to make them fun and enjoyable. Students also like his methodology and organisation. Carlos is familiar with most exams. Besides he also has a passion for photography.

Jennifer Mulertt

Master in Teaching French as a Foreign Language, Associate Degree in Business Administration.

Raised in Paris, Jennifer is the most fun and engaging teacher you could meet. Her vitality and experience makes  students feel motivated and encouraged. She also has extensive experience in IB and IGCSE.

Julie Lhernould

Master in Teaching French as a Foreign Language. Bachelor in Communication and Marketing.

If you are learning  French with Julie time will fly away. Very witty, Julie knows how to make her lessons interesting and engaging. With her there will be a balance of having a good time while learning the language. Julie knows well the DELF, IGCSE and IB.

Paloma Fagil

Degree in Translation.

Paloma is very well organised and methodic. She spends a good amount of time preparing all her lessons and is familiar with all the books and exercises that can help you the most in your learning process. She is very self disciplined.

Virginie Fabre

Postgraduate in French Teaching. Degree in translation.

Virginie has a true passion for teaching young kids. She is patient and playful. Through games, songs and activities her young students will be able to stay focused the whole lesson.

Natacha Boillot

Master and degree in Teaching.

Being a very experienced  teacher Natacha has very little time left for teaching others nowadays. That being said, her students benefit from her passion in teaching as well as her expertise.

Valerie Patenaude

Bachelor in Communication and Marketing. Postgraduate in French Teaching.

As an expert in communication Valerie is enthusiastic and engaging. She has more than 5 years of experience  teaching French to students in HK.

Clement Dussier

Postgraduate in Teaching. Bachelor in Foreign Languages.

Clement is a friendly tutor that will solve all your questions you may have at school regarding your assessments. He has prepared students for all the exam boards.

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