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🌞 2024 Summer French Program Now Open For Registration! 🇫🇷

Embark on an exciting language learning journey this summer with our immersive French language program.


📚Well-structured summer program.

🏆 Taught by native qualified teachers.
🎯Fun, dynamic and interactive lessons to keep students motivated.
📅 Flexible Schedule.
📍Flexible location Tsim Sha Tsui and Causeway Bay.

Step 1:

Choose the age group:

Ages 3-5

Ages 3-5 Playgroup

📚⛱️ French Summer Program for Toddlers 🌞🌈

With a total duration of 7 weeks, parents have the flexibility to choose any duration between 3 to 7 weeks. Each week features a unique theme, allowing students to join based on their availability. Discover French language and culture through fun and engaging activities. Enrol now for an unforgettable summer experience! 

Choose your course in 3 steps:

Choose your class time -> Choose course duration  -> Choose which weeks to attend.

Ages 6-7

Ages 6 to 8 Kids

📚⛱️ French Summer Program for Kids  🌞🌈

We offer an exciting summer French program for kids aged 6 to 8 years old. With a range of options from 3 to 7 weeks, parents can customize the length of the program according to their needs. Small groups of 2 to 6 students are combined with fun and educational activities, ensuring a unique and rewarding learning experience!

Choose your course in 3 steps:

Choose your class time -> Choose course duration + regular/intensive  -> Choose which weeks to attend.

Ages 8-16

Ages 9 to 16  Tweens & Teens

🌞🌈 French Summer Program for Tweens and Teens 🇫🇷🖼️

We offer a comprehensive French summer program for students ages between 9 to 16 with two options: regular or intensive program. Students can choose between 3/4/6 weeks . This program is perfect for those who want to jump start their journey learning the French language! We aim to help students build interest and confidence in this new language throughout the summer. Come meet like-minded friends and learn this beautiful language at the same time!

✅ Choose your course in 3 steps

Choose Group A/B -> Number of weeks (3/4/6) and Start date -> Choose course type Regular/Intensive 

Ages 17+

Ages +17  (Adults)

🌞🌈 Intensive French Summer Program for  Adults 🇫🇷🖼️

Our 4-week young adult summer intensive program is suitable for students aged 17 or above and are beginners in French. Perfect for undergraduate students or adults with a long summer break, our program has been popular among people who want to boost their French quickly, equip themselves with new language skills, and students who simply have an interest in French language and culture. Join us now to have a fun and fruitful summer break!

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