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Kids Courses

French Playgroup Courses (Aged 3-4)

The French Playgroups Courses are full of activities that immerse kids in French culture in their earliest age and make them explore the language through finer points of grammar. All the kids that learn with us have fun while learning the language in an interactive manner through little games, songs, activities, flashcards and worksheets. Our courses will provide your child hands-on and age-appropriate activities to cover the basic contents like greetings, colours, numbers, family, home and the city, daily life etc.​


What makes us different is that we ONLY organise small group classes of maximum 3-4 students, which is essential to have an effective learning process.

French for Kids (5-6 years old, 7-8 years old, 9-10 years old)

Our French for Kids Courses provide a gentle and fun immersion experience through a structured curriculum. Lessons are interactive and fun to make sure students keep their interest in the language. Kids learn, explore, play, and stay active in a weekly course designed to immerse them in French language while they discover a new way to communicate and express themeselves.

What differentiates us from other schools is that our groups are limited to ONLY 3-4 students, to ensure each student can follow and effectively learn to use French.


For more details you can download the program outline and content 

It is proven that when students start learning French at a very young age they have special learning skills that elder students don’t have. This would give your kid a unique advantage. At a young age kids can easily master the correct pronunciation of words. Old teenagers and adults have always struggles with pronouncing words correctly and French it is well known to be a language that is not easy to pronounce. Another unique advantage of starting early is the capacity of the students to develop very good listening skills compared to elder ones, which is a skill that is usually difficult to acquire. It is true that young kids lack other abilities of elder students such as the capacity of reading long texts quickly or write long assays, but this will not stop them from having a solid base in French. Do not hesitate and let your kid have a taste of French from a young age!


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