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French courses for adults

✨ Why Learn French as an Adult?

  • Personal Development: Learning French will enhance your personal growth, boost your confidence, and give you a sense of achievement.

  • Career Opportunities: Mastering French opens up new career prospects and advancement opportunities.

  • Travel: Speaking French enriches your travel experiences in French-speaking countries, allowing for authentic interactions and connections.

  • Social Connections: Meet new people in your French class, join a global community of French speakers, and expand your social network with new friendships.

What to Expect:

✅ Our Quality Guarantee:

  • Lessons taught by native, qualified French teachers.

👥 Class Size:

  • Limited to 3-6 students per class to ensure the best learning environment.

📚 Course Content:

  • Enjoy fun and interactive lessons in a well-structured program. View detailed course content.

💰 Pricing:

  • 15-hour course (2.5 months, 10 classes of 1.5 hours: 3,000 HKD

  • Special online promotion:2,800 HKD (limited time only).

📅 Schedule:

  • New classes start every month. Follow the link below to see the latest adult beginner course schedule and register online.


LEVEL: A1 (Beginner Level)

Packs: 1 , 2 & 3   COURSE A1.1  45 HOURS

  • Greetings. Alphabet. Ask personal information. Instruction in class.

  • Countries. Nationalities. Language. Numbers. Accent and Questions.

  • Professions. Places of work. Studies. Address format and ordinal numbers.

  • Formal Greetings. Family. Accessories. Age. Colours. New Grammar.

  • Office objects. Currencies. Express existence. Buy objects in a shop.

  • Describe a house/apartment. Describe a room. Furniture. New verbs.

  • Describe a city. Talk about location, express cause. Sports. Activities. Verbs and Adverbs.

Packs: 4  - 7   COURSE A1.2  60 HOURS

  • Ask and answer likes and dislikes. Preferences. Weather and time.

  • Talk about daily routine. Regular Verbs. Conjugation and Phrasal Verbs.

  • Talk about work or studies. Frequencies. Professions. Transport.

  • Ask and express ability and knowledge. Adjectives. Opinions. Irregular verbs.

  • Buy food in a shop/supermarket. Ordering in a restaurant. Vocabulary.

  • Important verbs. Articles and quantifiers. Comparisons.

  • Describe the clothes. Accessories. Colours and patterns. Pronouns.

TOTAL HOURS: 105 hours

COURSES: A1.1 (45h) & A1.2 (60h)


CLASS SIZE: 3-6 students

PRICE PER PACK (15H), 10 lessons of 1.5h:  2800 HKD

More information about our adult courses

The French for adults course program is intended for working adults who want to learn french for every day use. Most of our students learn either as a hobby or for business and travel proposes.  The courses are all in a small group set up of 3-6 students maximum. Having reduced groups is the key to efficiently learn how to use a language, since students will get plenty of chances to interact in class and be in an interactive environment where they can effectively use and practise. There are 2 to 3 new class openings every month typically on weekdays evening or Saturdays.

The courses will follow the official syllabus to learn French as a foreign language through books that are interactive yet well structured. The progression path will advance from A1.1 (the most beginner level) all the way till C1. 

What makes us different is that all our French courses are limited to only 3-6 students per class. This setting is essential to learn the language effectively, because a lot of interaction with the teacher and the students is needed  to be able to practise and learn to master French.

You may check the course content for the beginners level here.

In the introductory French adults course you will learn the basics of the French language. This includes all the main topics at a basic level including but not limited to greetings, self introduction, description of people, your home, your city and neighbourhood, descriptions of places, your daily routine, free time etc. All the skills will be practiced, that is reading, writing, listening and speaking. The lessons are interactive and the main goal is that you learn to effectively communicate the ideas on the topics that you have learned. As lessons are in a small group class setting the teacher can slightly adapt the lessons to the needs of each group and adapt the pace so that everyone can follow the class. If classmates wish to put more emphasis on a certain topic like “shopping” the teacher can give the students extra resources and materials to expand their vocabulary and use of the language for the topic of interest. The first level is A.1.1 After completing 2 levels (A1.1, A1.2) students will reach the full A1 level and could attend the public examination DELF  (Diploma of French as a foreign Language). Extra exam preparation lessons can be provided on a group or individual basis if students feel particularly weak at a certain area like the speaking part of the exam.

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