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French Private classes

If you need a tailor made solution for your needs, our private lessons will perfectly adapt to your schedule and specific learning goals. During private lessons you will receive full attention from our highly qualified native teachers. An added advantage is that the teacher will be able to tackle your weaknesses in the most effective way and help you improve in the areas that you need it the most.

Private lessons are fully flexible and students can cancel/reschedule when needed to make sure they don't miss anything.  You may take these lessons in one of our locations or at your office/home for a little extra charge.

If you decide to join a private lesson you will also have the chance to choose the French teacher that you like the most and that you think adapts the most to your mindset.

Many students choose to do private lessons for all proposes. Some they just want to learn for pleasure. Others they have a specific goal like I want to know how to go shopping in French. Others are very exam oriented because they want to pass their DELF or IGCSE exam. No matter what your goal is we will be able to help.

The payment policy for private lessons is very flexible. No payments or deposits are collected in advance, we trust you! The fees will be settled at the end of every month based on the number of lessons that you had that month. That is if in October you had 4 lessons so on 1st of November we will require you to pay 4 lessons that you had during October. The only requirement for private lessons is that they should be changed or canceled giving a 24 hours notice in order to avoid charges. If a student is sick he or she can cancel giving a minimum of 2 hours notice so that we can inform the teacher on time an a doctors sick leave certificate will be required.

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