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French courses

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French for kids

French Playgroup lessons (Aged 3-4)


The French playgroups are designed in a way to make sure kids have fun while learning the language in an interactive manner through songs, activities, little games, flashcards and worksheets. The lessons are structured to cover the basic contents like greetings, colours, numbers, family, home and the city, daily life etc.​

French for Kids (5-6 years old, 7-8 years old, 9-10 years old)

Students are separated by age group. At these ages, students will follow the official syllabus and books recommended to learn French as a foreign language. Lessons are interactive and fun to make sure students keep their interest in the language. 


For more details you can download the program outline and content here

French for Teens

Our french for teens courses are separated into students who already learned french in earlier years and students who are total beginners.


The objective of these lessons is to foster fluency in the french language, train students to use french in every day life scenarios and ultimately prepare them to score a high mark in their french exams. 


We run specific courses to prepare students for the most common french exams, you can see more information below in the French for exams section.

Here you can see the details of the course content for beginner teens.

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French for adults

The French for adults course program is intended for working adults who want to learn french for every day use. Most of our students learn either as a hobby or for business and travel proposes.  The courses are all in a small group set up of 2-5 students maximum. Having reduced groups is the key to efficiently learn how to use a language, since students will get plenty of chances to interact in class and be in an interactive environment where they can effectively use and practise. There are 2 to 3 new class openings every month typically on weekdays evening or Saturdays.

The courses will follow the official syllabus to learn French as a foreign language through books that are interactive yet well structured. The progression path will advance from A1.1 (the most beginner level) all the way till C1. 

You may check the course content for the adult  beginners level here.

Exam preparation courses

Our French native teachers are well familiarised with the different exams that you can take in Hong Kong.

DELF Prim and DELF Junior
These exams are intended for kids and teenager. Several levels  are available (the first one is A1.1) and there are new intakes twice a year. After learning french for 1.5 years having classes once a week you would be ready to pass the first level of the exam.

DELF (adults)

The Diploma of French as a Foreign Language is intended for adults students to be able to certify their proficiency in French following the European Framework of Reference for Languages. This exam has the certification from the French government and you can take it in Hong Kong twice a year. You can register and take the exam for all the levels from A1 to C2.

I/GCSE French

This is the official exam that students of the British curriculum take after finishing the first 5 years of compulsory secondary education (Year 7 to Year 11 in the international system. Students who are not in a international school programme can still take the exam if they prepare for at lest 3 years.

IB French Language B

The international Baccalaureate  has been developed in the context of cultural diversity and is followed in most international schools in Hong Kong. For the language B (for non native speakers) students can take the Ab Initio level (beginners), the Standard and the Higher level. Ab Initio is intended for students that never learned French before while SL and HL is for students who already did French during the middle years program (Year 7 to Year 11). Our teachers are totally familiar with the exam syllabus and will be the perfect partner to help students achieve top grades in this exam.

A-levels, SAT, HKDSE, TEF

Our team of 15 full time teachers are also familiar with other exams that are less common in Hong Kong. Ask us to find more!

Taking an Exam

Private french class

If you need a tailor made solution for your needs, our private lessons will perfectly adapt to your schedule and specific learning goals. During private lessons you will receive full attention from our highly qualified native teachers. An added advantage is that the teacher will be able to tackle your weaknesses in the most effective way and help you improve in the areas that you need it the most.

Private lessons are fully flexible and students can cancel/reschedule when needed to make sure they don't miss anything.  You may take these lessons in one of our locations or at your office/home for a little extra charge.

If you decide to join a private lesson you will also have the chance to choose the French teacher that you like the most and that you think adapts the most to your mindset.

Online courses

All our programs are currently also available online. Safety is our main concern, therefore while the virus situation lasts, students can choose to attend lessons face to face or online. For students who are temporarily overseas online lessons are also an effective way to continue their learning path. 

Our online French lessons are taught via zoom or skype depending on the students preference. The teachers are very familiar with online teaching and we have all books and resources available in a digital format to ensure students can have a smooth learning process even if they cannot attend their french class in person. 

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