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French online courses

All our programs are currently also available online. Safety is our main concern, therefore while the virus situation lasts, students can choose to attend lessons face to face or online. For students who are temporarily overseas online lessons are also an effective way to continue their learning path. 

Our online French lessons are taught via zoom or skype depending on the students preference. The teachers are very familiar with online teaching and we have all books and resources available in a digital format to ensure students can have a smooth learning process even if they cannot attend their french class in person. 

If you are having lessons online with us we will share you an online copy of the books so that you can learn like if you were attending face to face. Online lessons take place only in small reduced groups of 2-5 students to maintain the quality of the lessons, as we understand that learning online in a big group class can be too challenging if all students have to actively participate during the class. The teacher will explain all the concepts like in class using digital whiteboards so that students can have a similar experience like if they were attending in person. Exercises that involve communication between the teacher and the classmates and in-between the classmates will be practiced to make sure that the concepts are being understood, assimilated and mastered. Private lesson arrangements can also be done if the students prefer a more individualized attention.

The online French classes will have the same schedule every week, will be conducted by the same teacher and the same classmates will regularly attend. The lesson duration varies from 1 hour per class for young kids, 1.5 hours for teenagers and up to 2 hours for adults. There are no age limits for students to attend lessons online but classmates will be grouped by age. In case of kids +/- 1 year age difference will be allowed within the same group.

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