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Our Courses for Teens are designed for high school students who are interested in languages and looking for learning opportunities that are fun and interactive groups of classmates of same age.

Under the guidance of expert, native-speaking teachers, students boost their language skills while exploring French culture. Our proven immersion method is the perfect way to prepare your teen for the most common exams in Hong Kong. You can see more about French for Exams here.

Over the years we have learned that only in small group classes of 3-4 people the students can effectively learn how to use the language and understand the French language. That is why all our groups are exclusively limited to that size, being able to guarantee a high quality learning process.

Here you can see the content of the program French for teens.

At beginner level students will learn the basics of the language focusing in all skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Some of the contents they will learn include but not limited to greetings, self introduction, descriptions of people, the vocabulary around the house, how to describe objects, the vocabulary around your city and neighborhood, free time and hobbies and daily routine. It takes usually aground 100 hours for teenager students to master the full A1 level (which includes the levels A1.1, A1.2 A.13 and A.14) although this number will vary depending on the exact age of the students and the ability of each group. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have special learning requirements for example if your kid is learning French at his or her school.

Our beginners French course will ensure that you can get your French level certified if you wish to. That means that the contents that will be covered at beginners level follow the topics that are required to pass the French official exams. After taking our introductory course for teens you can choose to take an official exam or you may continue with the intermediate level. At an intermediate level you will learn how to express yourself in French using different tenses like past, future and conditional, you will expand your vocabulary as well as your speaking and listening confidence. If you want to learn more regarding the exams you can take you may click here.

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